Coming from the official Skylanders Facebook page.

As everyone is noticing, Skylanders is very popular at the moment. We know many of our fans are having a difficult time finding the Skylanders they want at their local stores. The team at Activision is doing everything we can to keep them in stock. We appreciate your support and patience. We hope the following helps to answer your questions.

Q: When are Cynder and Whirlwind being released?
A: Starting in mid-January, new Skylanders are being released across the world, including Cynder and Whirlwind.

Q: When will the Skylanders I want be available in my country?/Where can I buy hard to find Skylanders?
A: More Skylanders will be making their way to retailer shelves across the world. With that said, not all Skylanders are available yet. Keep checking in with your local retailers to find the latest Skylanders.

Q: Are some characters only available at specific stores?
A: Yes, some Skylanders are only available at specific retail chains.

Q: Will there be a Skylanders sequel?
A: Activision has not yet announced plans to release a sequel.