This is the main menu!

Here you can find these six areas.

  • Group
  • Solo
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Vault
  • Options
  • Data

Today, I’m going to introduce Options.


All options are colored purple.



Choose between graphics that are razor sharp
or nice and smooth.

This is… Well, it’s sort of hard to explain using only static shots, but try toggling it on and off on your own TV. Play with the setting that fits your taste.



Set rumble separately
for Gamecube Controllers and Wii Remotes.

Toggle the proverbial buzz-buzz on your controllers on and off.

Just remember, the Classic Controller doesn’t have rumble, so don’t get too carried away.

You can also set rumble preferences for each logged name.



The slider goes left and right.

You can use this to adjust the balance between the game’s music and sound effects.

Oh, a sound test is also available from the first time you power the game on!


Flip through by title or category.

There’s quite a few songs available, so I’ve decided to also divide things up by category this time.


You mean I can listen to sound effects from my favorite character all I want?

<Erase Data>


This is by far the most dangerous of the option modes.

Yeaaah… Don’t fiddle around with these options.

I mean it now. Don’t mess around on this screen.

Seriously now. I’m not playing here.

And that’s not all.





My Music


For more about these three, you can go over and check out their individual pages.

Each of these modes is designed to let you tweak the game to match your own preferences, but obviously you don’t have to mess around with these options if you don’t feel like it.

Relax and enjoy.

Listen to the Ice Climber Song here