You can enter individual names for each player. Start by just entering a name.


This time, enter it like you would on your cell phone!
You can also use random names.

Once it’s entered, choose your name for your character on the character-selection screen before you begin fighting.


The character-selection screen is still a secret!

This time, names are extremely important. That’s because we’ve included personalized button configurations.

We’ve made this game compatible with four different controllers:

Wii Remote(turned on its side),Nunchuk(Wii Remote+Nunchuk),Classic Controller,GameCube Controller

You can change button configurations for each one for each registered name, and alter those configurations any way you like.

Assigning personal button configurations each time you fight would be a bit of a pain…but if you just choose your name from the list, BAM! You get to play with your preferred configuration! There’s no waiting!

We’re also considering allowing you to save your name to the memory in your Wii Remote so you can bring your settings with you to your friend’s house…

But if we can’t make that happen, I apologize.