You can create your own stages this time?! No way. REALLY?! With a feature like that, won’t I be able to play this game forever?!


Apparently it’s true…!!!

Those who enjoy a little effort may be able to enjoy this stage builder for the rest of their lives.


First, start from the initialize setting.

You start by choosing the size of the stage, the background pattern, and the music that will play. Oops! Sorry. For music, you’ll only be able to choose from the songs you have available.


This is the edit screen!

Basically, you choose parts from the palette on the side and place them in the field.

The controls vary by controller, but each one can do the following:

  • Flip parts left to right
  • Enlarge or shrink parts
  • Zoom in or out on the screen
  • Swap palettes
  • Erase

…Among other things.


Just place terrain however you like. Chuckity-chuckity-CHUCK!


Then try it out!

Modify it and try it… Repeat as necessary. Make your own ideal stage!


Mmm… That’s amazing.


And you can save a name and a comment for the stage.

You can change the music on the save screen. Choose something that matches the mood of your stage.

And I’m happy that this is compatible with SD cards. You don’t have to worry about size, so make as many stages as you like.

Also, if you’ve finished registering someone as both a Wii Friend and a Smash friend, you’ll be able to send custom stages to each other.

Now, for those who hate putting effort into such things, we’ve also prepared something you can enjoy as well.


“Submit” …?

That’s right! You can use your Wi-Fi connection to send stages you’ve made to Nintendo! (However, you can’t submit repeatedly. Maybe just once per day?)

And a stage selected from the entire daily collection will be sent from Nintendo to your Wii. A stage made by someone else will come to you over the Internet once per day!

DUN DUN DUNNNNNN! That’s the shocking truth. This means you’ll be able to experience a new stage every day—the flavor of the day, if you will. However, the plan is for that stage to vanish once one day has passed. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

You can submit in both the Snapshots mode and the Stage Builder mode, allowing everyone to enjoy the creations of others. The fun of sharing is one of the ways that I wanted to take advantage of Wi-Fi for something other than pure battling.


Today’s stage has lots of traps…

This is our ideal current plan. We still don’t know the exact service period. And future tuning may result in changes to the spec.

But for now, please look forward to it!