One of the newest modes in the upcoming Smash Bros is the Mario Party- esque “Smash Tour”. As you travel around a small board, you collect fighters for your cause (the cause being victory).  If two people meet on the board, it’s time to fight!  Who you fight with depends on the order of fighters you collected along the board.  Fight well, because a loss could cost you a fighter on your side.  Along the way, players will collect power-up items that act in a similar matter as the 3DS version’s “Smash Run”.  Too add further to the chaos, random events and items can quickly tilt things in your favor, so be sure to watch out for them.

The final battle is a stock battle: Every fighter you have collected throughout your tour will be counted as stock.  This means that amassing an army will absolutely be to your advantage.

Right now, there is no telling how long each tour will last, but it looks like the action will move at a tremendous pace.


Smash Bros for the Wii U will release on November 26, 2014.