Famicom (500 Wii Points)

– Detective Saburo Jinguuji: The Dangerous Duo Part One*
– Getsufuu Maden
– Zoids: Mokushiroku

Nintendo 64 (1,200 Wii Points)

– Super Smash Brothers

Master System (500 Wii Points)
– Fantasy Zone II: Opa Opa no Namida

Mega Drive (600 Wii Points)
– Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

PC Engine
– Rastan Saga 2
– Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu (800)
– Spelunker mark 2 (800)
– Champion Wrestler

Note: What comes out in Japan is a good judgment of what is coming out in the future in America. So just hold on, we should be expecting Smash Brothers 64 in NA sometime early next year.