Mastering the chargeable subset of special moves is important.

Take the following moves, for example.


Link’s Standard Special Move: The Hero’s Bow


Pikachu’s Side Special Move: Skull Bash

These moves can be charged up by holding down the special-move button, increasing both speed and power. If you press the button down firmly and then release, you’ll unleash the move at full strength! When you first try out a character you aren’t familiar with, this should be the first thing you try.

But, there are also some moves that continue charging even after you release the button… Huh???


DK’s Standard Special Move: Giant Punch


Samus’s Standard Special Move: Charge Shot

…among others.

For these moves, when you press the special-move button again, it unleashes the move at the power level you charged it to.

Also, with these moves, you can move around while charged by charging the move to the maximum limit or by pressing the shield button to cancel the charge.


Look! Smoke shoots out from his head when he’s reached maximum charge!

Do your best to build up the maximum charge, then unleash it at just the right moment! These are superimportant techniques for characters like DK and Samus. Don’t forget them.