Smooth McGroove is a really cool gamer dude who makes videos on YouTube.  These are not any old YouTube video though.  In Smooth McGroove’s YouTube videos he recreates video game melodies in his own unique style.  Like in the video seen here, Smooth McGroove creates acapellas by replicating individual sounds or tracks from a particular video game tunes and then mashes all of the McGrooves into one sweet musical piece that is almost exactly how the music sounds within the actual game.

I had the pleasure of running into Mr. McGroove in line at LAX while waiting to make my way through security on my return trip from E3 2013.  As most of our readers know, I like to post some fun stuff up on Pure Nintendo over the weekends and I thought that some Smooth McGroove would be a great addition to our weekend rotation!  I hope that our readers enjoy the work of Smooth McGroove and please support him be visiting his YouTube channel!