Those planning to stop by HAMSTER’s Arcade Archives today are going to be greeted by a new machine. Satoshi HAMADA has announced that Solomon’s Key is now available for download on Nintendo Switch.

Originally released by Tecmo in 1986, Solomon’s Key requires players to make full use of Dana’s magic to collect items and get the book called, appropriately enough, Solomon’s Key. Check out the video (of the PlayStation version) above to get a better idea of just what that means.

As with all Arcade Archives games, players can change various game settings such as the game difficulty, and also select from different arcade display settings available at the time of the games’ original release. Unlike in the originals, however, your high scores are shared with the world, not just players from the local arcade.

Arcade Archives Solomon’s Key is available now for $7.99 in the eShop. For more information, visit