A healthy dose of murder mysteries and '90s sass.

Ah, the ’90s; the decade that brought us murder most foul! I mean, maybe some other things, too, but in Murder by Numbers, a “weird and wonderful detective puzzler” being published by The Irregular Corporation, it’s all about the murder mysteries.

And cargo pants.

And pixel puzzles.

Murder by Numbers is set in 1996 Los Angeles, where…

Things are finally taking off for TV detective Honor Mizrahi as her show starts to pull in sky-high ratings, but behind all the glitz and the glamour are several peculiar deaths – and Honor’s now found herself as the real-life prime suspect. Join Honor and SCOUT – Murder By Number’s resident emoji-robot genius – in interrogating a cast of quirky characters, solving pixel puzzles and gathering clues across a range of glamorous venues. It’ll be up to you to get to the bottom of this bizarre conspiracy… with some serious 90s flair.

Directed by Ed Fear (Hatoful Boyfriend, Swords of Ditto, Heavenstrike), Murder by Numbers also features character designs by Hato Moa (Hatoful Boyfriend) and music composed by Masakazu Sugimori (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick).

Murder by Numbers will be available for Nintendo Switch for $14.99 on March 6th. Preorders will be accepted starting on February 20th, and will come with a 10% discount that will carry over through March 11th.

For more information on Murder by Numbers, visit theirregularcorporation.com.