Levels thus far
– Helipad, located in a Jungle.
– Oil Derrick (rig)
– Atlantis
– Siberia
– Lost City of Z

– levels to have greater sense of scale and multiple paths
– levels will be larger with more varied environments
– Story: a centuries old truce has been broken, allowing two rival alien factions to come out of hiding and start vying for world domination.
– 28 Weapons (portable monitor to spring booby traps, turret guns and more)
– some sort of robot dog enemy
– a guy in a strange body suit that’s bright orange (think suit like Dead Space)
– Improved enemy AI
– giant mecha sea serpent
– more online modes
– better online security
– some returning maps from the original
– better character customization
– focusing on art direction
– due out holiday season 2010