A summary of the the latest edition of Official Nintendo Magazine by Setanta, (thanks for the infor)

– Screenshots of the Wii version basically identical to what we have seen on the net of the game so far

– Wii version described as “Shiny next-gen visuals”

– The werewolf (confirmed) Sonic sections are “slightly slower, yet a more agile beast” than the ordinary Sonic sections

– A one page interview with the games Lead Designer, Yoshihisa Hashimoto. Describes the game as no relation to Secret Rings or original 360/PS3 Sonic title- “more in common to Sonic Adventure titles”.

– Yoshihisa says that as well as the Wii Remote “players will also be using the Nunchuck”

I will try to get more info on this an post it later. If anyone has more info to this please send it to us.

cubed.com summary:

  • Originally penned to be Sonic Adventure 3
  • Has no/little relation to previous 3D sonics, including 2006 and Secret Rings
  • The power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds are misused by Eggman and something changes inside Sonic’s body.
  • Sonic heads around the world, with various different realistic locations.
  • No direct mechanics from Wii’s Sonic Rings, but uses a move known as “quick step” to allow for fast movement left or right.
  • Sonic Boost allows for a quick boost in speed (much like in Secret Rings) by collecting rings throughout the course, as well as a Sonic Dash move.
  • Sonic’s classic moves like spin and homing attacks make a return.
  • The game turns from day to night at times, day seeing Sonic in his usual form and at night players will slow down and manipulate objects…
  • In Unleashed players will also use the Nunchuck in some form (presumably for analogue movement)
  • New robot creatures developed by eggman, some darker elements and some colossal beasts (one would be about 7m tall)
  • Developed from scratch to be a completely new take on Sonic.
  • Link, LInk