Back in June, we asked you to vote for your favourite Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City songs for an exclusive CD. Thanks for all your votes! The competition is over and now it’s time to find out which tunes made it to the final tracklist!

The 23 winning songs as voted for by you were:

* K.K. March
* K.K. Waltz
* K.K. Jazz
* K.K. Fusion
* K.K. Samba
* K.K. Bossa
* K.K. Calypso
* Lucky K.K.
* K.K. Condor
* K.K. Rock
* Rockin’ K.K.
* K.K. Love Song
* K.K. Technopop
* DJ K.K.
* Only Me
* Surfin’ K.K.
* Go K.K. Rider!
* K.K. Western
* K.K. Rockabilly
* Agent K.K.
* K.K. Metal
* K.K. House
* K.K. Sonata

The CD will feature a total of 39 tracks and will be available from the Stars Catalogue in the autumn.