IGN Wii just posted an article about going hands-on with Sonic and the Secret Rings.  They give some pretty detailed impressions of the gameplay, visuals, and what to expect from the final build of the game.  Definitely worth a read.  Here’s a snippet:

Running around as Sonic on the Wii is a more enjoyable hedgehog-themed experience than we have had in years. The game is blisteringly fast and only gets faster the better you play. The game’s environments are surprisingly lively, with lots of action taking place on-screen at the same time. There are also various little environmental gimmicks that make use of the Wiimote such as winged-pots that can be manipulated through flicks of the Wiimote and catapults that can launch Sonic into the air.

*drools* Can’t wait to get this whenever it comes out this spring.

Source: IGN Wii