Game|Life: What attracted BioWare to the Sonic RPG project?

Ray Muzyka: We are huge fans of Sonic and of the Nintendo DS! BioWare has also been interested for some time in developing games for handheld that appeal to both younger and older gamers, both for domestic and overseas audiences. When the opportunity arose to work with such an internationally recognized and beloved IP, we jumped at the chance.

GL: Many feel that the Sonic franchise has lost its way. Do you see this RPG as a chance to revitalize the property?

RM: Sega and BioWare are committed to delivering a high quality game. Story driven games have been BioWare’s bread and butter for years, so we’re certainly utilizing the knowledge and experience we’ve learned to create a brand new and immersive Sonic with a rich adventure and story that’s fast-paced and incredibly fun to play.

GL: Though Sonic games have had some story elements to them, the franchise is, at its heart, a simple platform game. You run, you jump, you collect rings. How do you see that making the transition to a genre that is traditionally far more character and story based?

RM: We plan on taking those core Sonic elements that fans love about games and incorporating them into a brand new adventure that will feature the best of both worlds: all the fast-paced action of Sonic, plus a deep and engaging storyline that will keep players on the edge of their seats. By staying true to those Sonic elements that fans are already familiar with, and injecting our own unique BioWare flavor, we plan to make that transition as smooth and exciting as possible.

GL: BioWare’s previous efforts have been for the PC and the Xbox (and now the 360 with Mass Effect). What is the appeal of designing for the DS?

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