Xbox 360

  • GamePro (60/100): “I love Sonic because his speedy style of platforming is fun, and Sega should have just developed a game around that and left everything else out.”
  • Game Informer (60/100): “As much as I disliked lumbering through levels as Sonic’s hulky Werehog, I disliked hunting through the hub worlds looking for coins even more. Sega, if you really want to fix Sonic, the first thing you should do is stop trying to fix him.”
  • 1UP (C): “Ultimately, this simply isn’t the fresh start Sonic fans were so desperately hoping for … but at least it’s not as execrable as the last two efforts.”


  • IGN (72/100): “Sonic Unleashed is half great game and half tedious gimmick.”
  • GameDaily (70/100): “A sequel with more speed and less gimmicks would make us happy, but for now, Unleashed is a step above the awful games that came before it. Good to have you back, Sonic.”
  • Game Informer (65/100): “The Wii version has less annoying traits than the others and still retains all the usual mediocrity. The motion-control elements in the Werehog levels add an extra dimension to the action, and the hub worlds are entirely text-based and aren’t nearly as annoying. If you can stand the diminished graphics, the Wii version actually edges out the PS3 and 360 entries.”