Some of you may have already seen the rumored screens of Sonic Unleashed. I have been waiting all day for someone to confirm it just a little bit, or just done right kill it, the screens were just too good to get people’s hopes up with. Finally a video has appeared that supports the rumors, and your hopes can go up! If this still turns out to be fake, props to the creator for putting that much time into it.

Here are some details of the game:

– gameplay includes Sonic and the Secret Rings style running with switches to 2.5D platforming thrown in

– Sonic will transform at certain points in the game, and his new form will include some sort of new mechanic

– another new character will be introduced

– Sonic Unleashed is not the final name, and no platform(s) were mentioned. File names of the original leaked images indicate a multiplatform release of 360/PS3/Wii

Update: Rumors are coming in the Sonic Unleashed is supposed to be multi-platform, and the screens where taken from the 360 version.

Update 2: SEGA has confirmed to that the screens and the video are real. Now let the speculation continue on which platforms these where taken from.

Update 3: On Sega Magazines site they posted a little apology about confirming these screens and video. I wish someone would make up their mind.

First, we apologize for those fake news posts about the Sonic plot and the confirmation that it would be 2D, gameplay-wise. However, we can go on with our own new facts: SEGA is launching SONIC UNLEASHED with a HUGE production budget and it seems not only the SONIC TEAM is involved but a very huge part of SEGA’s developer teams including those from Japan, the US and, apparently for the first time, even Europe. There seems to be one clear mission: Rebuild the Sonic brand and prove it could work in 3D environments. We also have one new artwork for you.

Check out screen shot HERE