A portion of an IndustryGamers interview with Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde…

IG: From what the third parties have been saying over the past few months, and from what I’ve seen here today, the experiences are very reminiscent of the types of things you’d see on the Wii. Are you concerned about this being too much like a Wii experience? Are you concerned that the games will be basically HD ports of Wii games? How do you separate yourself from the pack?

SR: It’s a good question, but it’s not something that concerns us honestly. We’re really excited about Move. We researched a lot of different technologies before we settled on the one we did. It’s a homegrown technology and we chose it for a number of reasons – chiefly because of the precision that we knew we could get. When you’re talking about a game that was demoed like Table Tennis out there, you might be able to play that on another system, but I think we showed very well that you can get that top spin or slice in there and it really feels like you’re playing a Table Tennis game. Also, because of the camera, the PS Eye, we add that whole element of augmented reality. And I think that’s a big advantage we have over what the Wii has done to date.

IG: Do you literally anticipate that people who are Wii owners right now will say, ‘Hey, here’s another motion control system similar to Wii. I want to upgrade.’ Do you believe you’ll see a lot of that?

SR: I think so, sure. That’s definitely an audience that we’re targeting. One of the beauties of the PS3 with the whole ad campaign, “It Only Does Everything,” there’s a lot to that. It could mean that a lot of families bring it into the house because it’s a Blu-ray player, and [Move] is just another reason for them to bring it into the house. Maybe someone is sitting on the fence about whether or not to upgrade [to PS3] and this could lead them to do it.


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