If it Seems that Updates have been a little slow lately?! Well its because it has!!! For me, family work, and the normal day to day life, (ie sleep and eating) Have been keeping me away from my computer more then I would like. Things should settle down very soon, and everything should be back up to speed. For this to never happen again to me, I need to quit my job. For this to happen, niwifi.net has to become the greatest site ever made!! We need your help. Spread the word about your beloved niwifi.net. Tell your friends, neighbor’s, coworkers, the girl/guy next door “who seems to be always checking you out.” Tell them about the site, the news, great forums, and great people, like me!!! You may ask yourself. “How can I do this? I am only one person?” Well the answer is…Any way possible. But a good place to start is by joining our niwifi.net myspace page. We decided that if Dane cook could use myspace to grow his “career” why can’t we. Become one of our friends, and with the power of the mighty myspace we shall become the greatest site ever MADE!!!. Click the link below to join niwifi.net myspace page. With our powers combined we can become the greatest site ever made!!!!

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