With such a busy week in the gaming industry because of GDC. It seems like the normal info for the Big Five will not be coming out right now. For you who are new to the site; I promised about a year ago to bring the Big 5 every Friday: rain, sleet or snow. I haven’t broke my promise yet, and I don’t plan to start. So, today I decided to to make a Special GDC Big Five; the good and the bad from this passed week’s GDC.


  1. Pay and Play- ( If I wanted to pay to play online I would become a 360 fan boy)
  2. No Mario Kart date for NA
  3. No new game announcement (wasn’t really expecting one, but it would of been cool)
  4. An announcement of what 3rd party games will support the Wii Fit board (I want details)
  5. Nintendo only recieveing one award at the game developers awards


  1. Wii Fit dated for NA
  2. Wii Ware dated for NA
  3. 10 3rd party games in the works for the Wii Fit board
  4. Head tracking “easter egg” in Boom Blox
  5. 360’s red ring of death appears at GDC