Destructoid: So just tell me a little bit about Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, and the direction you’re kind of taking with it.

Graham Fuchs, Executive Producer: So New York City has been invaded — S.H.I.E.L.D. has declared martial law, and they’re downtown, trying to evacuate citizens from the island; [Luke] Cage is gathering people for a last stand in Harlem; Kingpin is in his fortress in Midtown, and he’s gathering his forces to help propel the invaders. [So] it’s up to you, as Spider-Man, to determine how you’re gonna help deal with this invasion.

So it sounds like there will be a lot of Marvel Universe characters in the game. This isn’t based on any of the films, it’s based on the fiction of the comic books?

Yeah, actually it’s based on the comic book universe; it’s not based on any particular story line or arc or anything. It’s our own original story that we’ve come up with for the game, which has been great, because it’s allowed us to bring a lot of elements we wanted to put in the game in terms of characters. You know, [we can] mix and match our own elements to sort of maximize the gameplay and make the kind of game that we want to make, so it’s great.

Is it a free, open environment?

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