Taken From Wired.com:

If you tune in to watch the Spike TV Video Game Awards on DirecTV or Dish Network this Sunday night, keep your thumbs limber because the show itself is going to be a videogame.

By using your DirecTV or Dish remote, you’ll be able to interact with the broadcast to unlock cheat codes, play arcade games, vote in polls, and watch exclusive content.

Pushing Select on your remote brings up the interface, which appears as a menu on the side of your screen, and lets you choose from Cheat Codes, the Vault (extra materials like game videos), the Arcade or ‘Xtra Ammo’ (polls, quizzes, and such). The broadcast continues in the background as you fiddle around.

Alerts will pop up from time to time during the show, telling you how to unlock new Cheats. You might  be prompted to enter a sequence of numbers on your remote, or you might be directed to score a certain number of points in the Arcade. Do it right and you’ll unlock a never-before seen cheat  for games like Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and The Orange Box.

Stupid Comcast Cable!! Why can’t you do this?