Nintendo looks to support their newest IP through both physical and digital additions.  On the physical side, Splatoon currently supports three amiibo, Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid.  Each of these amiibo offer a up to twenty challenges which can unlock special gear for your character.  The girl offers charger challenges, while the boy offers roller challenges.  Finally, the squid will offer a combination of limited ink challenges, and kracken challenges.  Completing all of the challenges will also net player bonus games, which are small 8-bit-esque games which you can play at any time.


Further support for Splatoon will be done via free DLC.  Throughout the year, Splatoon will see new stages, gear, ranked battle modes, and weapons.  The first new weapon is the inkbrush, which will act in a similar fashion as the roller.  The first announced mode is called, “Tower Control”.  Players must ride atop the tower through enemy territory to the goal, while their teammates run support.  The ride atop the tower will be slow, so you’ll need to be skilled in order to navigate to the end.  Another new mode will be Rainmaker.  Unfortunately, that’s all we know.

In August, Splatoon will see a huge update, that will add new matchmaking modes.  Once this update is in, you will be able to create a team of four friends in order to take on another team consisting of the enemy and his or her friends.  If you don’t want to take on a team of strangers, you can get a group of eight together, and select your own stage and custom rules.

All of the DLC I have mentioned (save for the amiibo challenges) will be free.

Splatoon will release globally on May 29, 2015.