Title: SPOGS Racing™
Scheduled Release Date: May 2008
Genre: Arcade Racing
Platform: Wii game system via WiiWare
Rating: “E” for Everyone
Developer: Pronto Games
Publisher: D2C Games, Inc.

Coming at you full throttle is SPOGS Racing™, an all-new racer from D2C Games™ featuring classic arcade racing, pick-up-and-play controls, all-new racing vehicles and Crash N’ Grab™ battling action. Jump in, gear up and modify your ride as you compete head-to-head for a totally outrageous arcade racing experience on your Wii™ game system. Whether you’re a casual gamer or hardcore racer, SPOGS Racing™ features fun for all and is a must have download for your WiiWare™ digital game library.

Race along in unique SPOGS Racers that can be personalized, customized and modified with unique images and vehicle parts. Crash ‘N Grab™ battling action delivers head-to-head fun as you battle it out to steal each others’ parts and upgrade your SPOGS Racer with new engines, tires, tailpipes and brakes. A library of game images let’s you customize and personalize your racing experience. Intuitive Wiimote™ game controls and a robust feature set delivers the fun of arcade racing with hours upon hours of entertainment. Race across 12 different tracks filled with loops, jumps, weapons and power ups. Battle it out in head-to-head split screen action. Or challenge yourself in Season Mode and race to be the best.

Action-Oriented Racer: Experience full throttle arcade action featuring intuitive controls for pick-up-and-play racing.
Crash ‘N Grab™: Crash into your opponent, take them out and grab their parts on-the-fly. Upgrade your ride with new engines, tires, tailpipes and brakes for the ultimate tricked-out SPOGS Racer. But, be careful, it’s a two way street!
SPOGS Racing Vehicles: Race with all-new vehicles called SPOGS Racers that spin, slide, drift, flip, gyrate and crash!
Stunt Tracks and Bonus Points: Outrageous stunt tracks feature huge loops and monster jumps for big air. Rack up bonus points and race points for the ultimate high score!
Head-to-Head Multiplayer: Take on your buddy and go head-to-head in split screen action. Compete for ultimate bragging rights and steal each others’ parts in Battle Mode featuring Crash ‘N Grab™.
Pick-up-and-Play Controls: Simplified controls feature intuitive design for casual and enthusiast gamers alike for both the WiiMote™ and classic controllers. Experience the impact of high-speed crashes with the rumble feature.
Multiple Game Modes: Jump into Quick Race, battle it out in Crash ‘N Grab™ or compete to be the best in Season Mode.
12 Different Tracks: Choose from three different track types – oval, road course and stunt track – across 12 different tracks to master. Track hazards and power-ups will keep new games fresh and challenging.
Power Pick-Ups and Weapon Power-Ups: Grab special power pick-ups to boost your chances of winning or pick up one of six unique weapon power-ups to slow your opponent down.