These lists where put together by the people over at neogaf. Taken from the Dojo, video’s, and Screens from brawl. Some of the name may not be official. Check the jump.


Assist Trophies:
1. Metroid (Metroid)
2. Jeff (Earthbound)
3. Barbara the Bat (Band Brothers)
4. Waluigi (Mario)
5. Andross (Star Fox)
6. Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)
7. Lyn (Fire Emblem)
8. Little Mac (Punch-Out!)
9. Saki Amamiya (Sin & Punishment)
10. Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing)
11. Nintendog (Nintendogs)
12. Jill (Drill Dozer)
13. Battalion (Advance Wars)
14. Knuckle Joe (Kirby)
15. Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic)
16. Devil (Devil World)
17. Gray Fox (Metal Gear)
18. Hammer Bros. (Mario)
19. Isaac (Golden Sun)
20. Excitebikes (Excitebike)
21. Lakitu (Mario)
22. Dr. Wright (SimCity)
23. Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy)
24. Tingle (Legend of Zelda)


-Delfino Plaza (Starting)
-Mushroomy Kingdom (Starting)
-Mario Circuit (Starting)
-Mario Bros. (Unlockable)
-Luigi’s Mansion (Unlockable)
-Rainbow Ride (Melee; Starting)

-Yoshi’s Island (Starting)
-Yoshi’s Island (Melee; Starting)

Donkey Kong
-Rumble Falls (Starting)
-Donkey Kong Arcade (Unlockable)
-Jungle Garden (Melee; Unlockable)

-Warioware (Starting)

-Bridge of Eldin (Starting)
-Great Sea (Unlockable)
-Hyrule Temple (Melee; Starting)

-Port Town (Unlockable)
-Big Blue (Melee; Unlockable)

Animal Crossing
-Smashville (Starting)

-Battlefield (Starting)
-Final Destination (Starting)

-New Pork City (Starting)
-Onett (Melee; Starting)

Kid Icarus
-Skyworld (Starting)

-Distant Planet (Starting)

-Pictochat (Starting)
-Electroplankton (Unlockable)

Star Fox
-Lylat Cruise (Starting)
-Corneria (Melee, Starting)

-Green Hill Zone (Unlockable)

Metal Gear
-Shadow Moses Island (Starting)

Fire Emblem
-Castle Seige (Starting)

-Norfair (Starting)
-Frigate Orpheon (Starting)
-Brinstar (Melee; Starting)

-Pokemon Stadium 2 (Starting)
-Spear Pillar (Unlockable)
-Pokemon Stadium (Melee; Unlockable)

Ice Climber
-The Summit (Starting)

-Battleship Halberd (Starting)
-Green Greens (Melee; Unlockable)

-Game & Watch (Unlockable)


1. Containers (Capsule, Crate, Barrel, Party Ball, Egg???)
2. Rolling Containers
3. Exploding Containers
4. Smash Ball
5. Food (includes Veggies???)
6. Beam Sword
7. Home-run Bat
8. Bumper
9. Superspicy Curry
10. Bunny Hood
11. Fire Flower
12. Proximity Mine/Motion-sensor Bomb
13. Star Rod
14. Super Mushroom
15. Poison Mushroom
16. Assist Trophy
17. Pokeball
18. Super Scope
19. Cracker Launcher
20. Stopwatch
21. Soccer Ball
22. Pitfall
23. Banana Peel
24. Ray Gun
25. Dragoon
26. Starman
27. Warp Star
28. Paper Fan
29. Lip’s Stick
30. Hammer
31. Golden Hammer
32. Franklin Badge
33. Smart Bomb
34. Perimeter Fireball
35. Metal Box
36. Deku Nut
37. Freezie
38. Gooey Bomb
39. Mr. Saturn
40. Screw Attack
41. Sandbag
42. Green Shell
43. Spring Board
44. Lightning Bolt
45. Maximum Tomato
46. Heart Container
47. Smoke Ball
48. Team Healer (Team Battle only)
49. Bob-omb
50. Spike Ball