Gamespot has posted their first impressions of SSX Blur.  They speak very highly of this first build and say that the controls are very easily mapped and usable.  Gamespot:

So just how do you snowboard on the Wii? Pretty easily. The game has taken the basics of SSX’s mechanics and smartly married them to the Wii Remote’s unique attributes. To keep it simple, the system keeps air and ground controls separate. You’ll steer your racer by turning the Nunchuk, and the analog stick lets you carve for sharper turning. You’ll use the Z button to boost, and you can jump by quickly flipping the Nunchuk. Once you’re in the air, you’ll use the remote to turn by moving it left and right and perform flips by moving it up and down. To land some of your crazier tricks, you’ll hit the B button to set your character up to hit the ground at the right angle. You’ll use the analog stick on the Nunchuk to perform grabs while in the air, as well.

I really like how SSX Blur is shaping up.  Check out the link for the full preview.

Source: Gamespot