Wii Advanced has an interview up with Alex Hyder, producer of SSX Blur.  He talks about a lot of the gameplay modes and aspects of the game.  Worth reading for sure.  Here’s some excerpts:

Q: What kinds of modes does SSX Blur have?

SSX Blur is about charging down the mountain, and insane air and tricks, pretty much equally. You’ll be able to take on race and freestyle events. We know that SSX fans want a true mix of speed and tricks, so we’re bringing them both.

Q: Any multiplayer support? What about online play?

SSX Blur features 2 multiplayer options. The first is a Split Screen that allows 2 players to go head to head in Race and Slopestyle events. The second option is Hot Seat where up to 4 players can compete in Big Air, Half-Pipe and Slalom competitions. Players go one at a time during this 2 heat event.

Sounds pretty rad.  I hope the controls work out well in the final version.

Source: Wii Advanced