Dive into a ruthless battle with an army of enemy pawns: the Multi-Man Brawl!

Multi-Man Brawl hosts a wealth of different brawls, including the widely recognized 100-man Brawl.


This is the Multi-Man Brawl menu.

Speaking of the Multi-Man Brawl, what could the enemy team of fighters be this time around? It’s the Fighting Alloy Team!


Red Alloy! He’s not the leader or anything!


Blue Alloy! For some reason she seems kind of gentle.


Yellow Alloy! Those horns are scintillating!


Green Alloy! It may look like Kirby, but it’s not him!

If it’s a 100-Man Brawl, then you continue fighting until you’ve beaten 100 of them. Destroying so many really cleanses the spirit.


Just keep launching them!

This time, we’ve added a much desired mode…

Two-player Multi-Man Brawls!


Amazing! Co-op play?!

With two of you watching each other’s backs, it’s that much more fun. But that’s not all!

There’s a mode for playing with a friend over Nintendo WFC!

We’ve included online Team Multi-Man Brawl!


This is the With Friends menu.

Don’t you want to cooperate sometimes instead of just fight? That’s what this is for.