Not that this is surprising but it is interesting nonetheless.  Star Fox Wii U has appeared for pre-order on Amazon’s Canadian site for $64.99(CDN) and Amazon’s UK site for £39.85.  The release date for Star Fox Wii U listed on the page, December 31, 2015, is obviously a placeholder date.  Nintendo could end up scheduling Star Fox Wii U for a Holiday 2015 release or at least the months leading up to the holiday, September or October.  The latter would probably be more likely if Nintendo decides to make Zelda Wii U the big release for Holiday 2015.


In any case, many Nintendo gamers and fans already knew that Star Fox Wii U existed since it was briefly discussed a few times at E3 this year.  Not much is known about the new Star Fox title but we are expecting to hear more about Star Fox on Wii U at E3 2015.  Hopefully by then Nintendo will have more news regarding the game’s release since Nintendo said that Star Fox Wii U should be finished by next year.


Thanks to Toni for the heads up!