Today, on the former View star’s new show, Court TV, they had a big discussion about video game violence. I am just going to cover some of the key points made, and also ask some of my own questions, and I am wanting to know what you think.

-They mentioned about the guys from Columbine being into violent Video games.

– What’s the difference between violent video games and movies?

-It was brought up about how the video game industry uses a similar rating system that the movie industry uses.

-Star talked about finding a “Middle Ground” with the video game industry. Her question to the video game industry was, “Don’t you think the middle ground should be you putting more pressure on the retailers to enforce the ratings?”

-My question is “Why should it be up to the Gaming Industry to hold the retailers responsible? Shouldn’t the retailers be responsible for their own actions? Should not pressure be put on retailers like Gamestop, Target, and so own, to hold up the standards of the ratings?

-Another question is “Whatever happened to good ‘ole parenting?” The gaming industry has done their job by putting the ratings on games. It’s the parents job to make sure their kids are old enough to play certain games and understand the difference between video games and reality.

Please let me know what you think. I will have more on this some time tomorrow or this weekend. This is a great weekend topic.