We reported a couple weeks ago that Star Wars the Clone Wars will be coming to the Wii and DS this fall.  IGN now has the first interview for the the DS title along with our first glimpse of the game in action:


IGN: How does the multiplayer mode work?

Feargus Carroll: At any time during play, one of your friends can drop into the game and take over control of your partner Jedi – at that point they too must engage enemies in Lightsaber duels, escape near death in the high action sequences, and combine with you to unlock secret rooms to find pick-ups and collectables.

IGN: How are you pushing the DS graphically?

Feargus Carroll: Can you imagine a fully 3D world on the DS? Well, neither could we 18 months ago, but that was the challenge I set the team, and they knocked it out of the park. You won’t have seen anything like this on the DS.

Real the full interview here