AG: Now, with the Force Unleashed, it’s also developed on the 360 and the PS3. How do they compare to the versions you are working on. Do you use the assets from Lucas Arts for those games, or is it just a copied scaled down version that you guys have made.

Krome: Well, the lead development has been done in Brisbane on the PS2, and that is the first point of call with all workings between Lucas Arts and Krome. So what we’re doing here is taking the PS2 development, putting it on the Wii, and making all the Wii specific stuff here. So, lead point is PS2 in Brisbane, to make that clear.

Wiimote/Nunchuk controls

– Wiimote for lightsaber slashing. Horizontal, vertical, and forward thrusts detected. Block attacks by holding Wiimote horizontally.
– Swing Nunchuk to do Force Push
– C button for Force Lightning
– Z to pick up objects with the Force. Move objects around via joystick. Slam Nunchuk down to smash items into the ground, or release Z to send them flying.

I am tired of developers giving up and taking the “easy” way out, and just porting the PS2 version over to the Wii, adding some Wii mote controls and thinking we will be happy with that.

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