Stealth Inc 2 is exclusively heading to the Wii U next month, with an October 23 release date announced by developers Curve Studios.

The game is a sequel to the successful 2011 indie title, which was released on a myriad of platforms, beginning with Steam and eventually including mobile devices and other consoles – though not any of Nintendo’s. With the sequel, the development team hopes to capitalize on the Wii U’s lack of competition in terms of third party development.

The exclusivity also makes sense when you remember that Curve Studios already have a good working relationship with Nintendo, having worked with them previously on WiiWare and 3DS versions of the highly-acclaimed Fluidity.

Stealth Inc 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, involving a 2D platfomer centered around the concept of stealth movements. You control a goggle-wearing clone, making your way through levels by hiding in shadows in order to avoid being spotted and suffering from a case of instant death.

The game will release on October 23 in both the US and Europe. Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on this title – will you be picking up Stealth Inc 2 next month?