A portion of a Nintendo Life interview.

NL: A lot of our readers were curious about your stance on modern games. What are your thoughts on them? Particularly things like motion controls and such. Do you own a Wii?

SW: We do have a Wii. Let’s see, I haven’t played many of the Wii games, there’s the, you know, tennis and baseball but I haven’t tried to get good at any of the newer games. My son will play tennis or golf, and he’s into Mario Kart, he’ll do that online. For some reason I haven’t been drawn to the newer games. I don’t know if it’s a fear that I’ll get sucked into some world that I don’t want to be in [laughs]. You know, maybe if I play Halo I’ll get obsessed and ruin my life. But the time I played Gears of War, I was given an Xbox as a gift, and I was pretty much just sitting in the very first room where I couldn’t find where to go, so I’m not really into those games where you’re searching through doors, although I played Doom like ten years ago and ended up learning all the mazes and everything.

To me it’s not compelling enough to want to master those games. I can understand that those that are good at it, I can definitely respect their skill. It’s a different attraction I guess; I think those people wouldn’t necessarily like the classics enough to want to get good at those. They might appreciate them, but it’s almost like two different worlds in my opinion.

NL: Have you heard anything about that? Is there a script or something?

SW: Yeah, they’re working on a script. There’s been a couple drafts done and they still have to iron some things out. When they get a draft they like they’ll go to casting and then it could be within the next year and a half [after that] it comes out.

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