Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is set to receive its first round of downloadable content next week.

The ‘New Neighbors Pack’ DLC will bring plenty of extra content to the farming and life simulation game, including friendship events, winter outfits and NPC dialogue. Plus, we’ll see new story content that introduces two romance candidates: Stephanie the contest MC and Woofio the contest judge in the dog suit. This includes new friendship and romance events for these characters. The DLC will set you back $7.99

You’ll have to update your game to Version 1.1 in order to purchase the DLC package. The free update features various gameplay improvements as well as four new outfits, including Lest and Frey’s attire from Rune Factory 4.

As if that weren’t enough, a custom theme will also be released for your 3DS on November 9, costing $1.99.

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Source: Press release