To coincide with the 19th anniversary of Super Metroid yesterday, “Super Metroid Symphony” was released worldwide through  Loudr and iTunes. Licensed through Joypad Records, Super Metroid Symphony is a 60 minute orchestral journey through the soundtrack of one of Nintendo’s iconic game.


“Composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano, Super Metroid’s soundtrack was always my favourite from the franchise with it’s blend of eerie ambience, gritty underscores and unforgettable melodies. As a composer I’d always wanted to approach rewriting it from an orchestral perspective but it wasn’t until recent advances in software and sample libraries that I felt I could truly do it justice.

Super Metroid Symphony is the culmination of years of experience working with the Synthetic Orchestra and my biggest project to date. With the aim of faithfully recreating every piece of music from the series’ 3rd game, the album is an hour long journey through 30 tracks that were lovingly crafted – minute by minute, note by note.

I hope you enjoy listening to the final album as much as I enjoyed working on it.”

– Blake Robinson, Synthetic Orchestrator

Super Metroid Symphony is available immediately through the Loudr store in DRM Free MP3/FLAC format, or from iTunes. More information can be found on the album’s website: