Our friends at Super Rare Games have announced an exciting new publishing label with Super Rare Originals.

Super Rare Originals aims to support developers with an indie-first approach to digitally publishing for consoles and PC, bringing fun indie games of the highest calibre to a wider audience.

What’s even more exciting is that the team already has five games up its sleeve. Whilst these aren’t confirmed for the Nintendo Switch just yet, Super Rare Games is well known for bringing gems to our favorite hybrid system.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the games:

Grapple Dog 🐶

Grapple Dog is an exhilarating 2D pixel-art platformer from pixel art veteran Joseph Gribbin. Use your awesome grappling hook to clear tricky challenges as Pablo, the Grapple Dog! Sail across 6 colourful worlds with a crew of fearless adventurers to stop the robotic overlord Nul from destroying the world!


POST VOID is a challenging arcade style first-person shooter with one objective: be fast. Move forward and keep your idol filled with liquid by getting kills. Each run will be a little bit different with procedurally generated levels. Keep your head full and reach the end; Kill what you can to see it mend; Get the high score or try again.

The Gecko Gods 🦎

Explore a mysterious island as a tiny lizard. Complete ancient puzzles, effortlessly climb cliffs and eat bugs as you make your way across an island civilization lost to time. Climb anything, solve ancient contraptions and clamber through the crumbling ruins of a collapsed society – all as a little lizard on a mission to save their friend.

Lone Ruin 🧙‍♂️

From the creator of Hell is Other Demons comes Lone Ruin, a spell-based roguelike twin-stick shooter with tons of replayability. Play as an explorer who seeks a mysterious ancient power in an old ruin, built atop a source of magical goop used by olden mages to power and transform themselves. Dive deeper and deeper, battling your way through twisted creatures, utilising your very own magic abilities to ultimately reach the bottom of the Lone Ruin.

Completely Stretchy 💪

Completely Stretchy is a short, first-person surreal and cartoony experience. Explore the vibrant Grombi Isles using your new found floppy abilities such as your stretchy arm, sticky fingers, and more! Talk to the eccentric inhabitants and participate in their playful activities. You may even piece together the story of The Grombi Isles.

It sounds like an exciting lineup and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the team. Passionate publishers like Super Rare Originals help keep the indie industry alive, ensuring new and creative ideas come to fruition and reach more players.

We see ourselves as being ‘indie’s best friend’, supporting all different scales of indie devs in every way

More news on the platforms and release dates for these first five games will be revealed soon, along with more titles yet to be announced. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

You can check out the above-mentioned games in action in the announcement trailer below. You can also follow Super Rare Originals on Twitter to keep up to date with all their indie goodness.

Source: Super Rare Originals