Nintendo has announced the first patch for the 3DS version of the upcoming Super Smash Bros.

The game is not out yet – it’s due to hit Japan tomorrow on September 13 – and will require the update in order to play online. The eShop version will contain the patch, and we presume Western releases will also include it.

The most exciting part is that the patch adds a whole new mode to the game’s already generous roster, namely Conquest Mode.

The new mode won’t activate until 3pm on September 15th in Japan and will trigger randomly when playing online. Each win earns points for characters, which eventually leads to a prize for players associated with that character.

Check out a couple of screen shots below that show the Japanese version of the Conquest Mode – are you looking forward to accessing this mode when the game hits your region next month?

super-smash-bros.3ds-conquest-02 super-smash-bros.3ds-conquest-01

Source: Vooks