An Announcement about Future Updates

January 31st, 2008. Super Smash Bros. Brawl has officially gone on sale in Japan. Is everybody having fun with it?

However, Smash won’t come out in North America for a bit and sadly, Europe has an even longer wait until the game releases.

For the past eight months or so, Smash Dojo has served as a source of basic information for the game, but with the release of Brawl, the Dojo will take on a new role.

From here on out, the Dojo will begin to introduce the hidden characters, hidden stages, and additional features in Brawl that have gone unmentioned until now. I’d like to continue to add on to the Dojo so that players of Brawl can come back to this website following it’s completion and view Smash Dojo as a sort of guide for the game.

I plan on continuing updates for another two months, so please continue to enjoy the site.

Just remember, I’ll be posting information on hidden characters and other in-game secrets, so you should take caution when viewing the site if you want to save those surprises for later.

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