Masahiro Sakurai, director of upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles for Wii U and 3DS, has stated that new character Greninja will have some unique abilities that will give a speed advantage over the competition.

Here’s how Masahiro Sakurai describes Greninja’s abilities:

Here’s a very, very new fighter in the upcoming Smash games, Greninja. Greninja’s sophisticated moves are extremely fun to use once you get used to how it controls! The side special attack Shadow Sneak is a move that makes Greninja suddenly disappear and ambush opponents. If you press and hold the button, Greninja will move a greater distance. Another unique feature is you can move Greninja around freely while charging up.

Greninja hails from the recent Pokémon X&Y 3DS games as the third and final evolution of Froakie, one of the Pokémon available during the start of the game.

Let us know how eager you are to try out these new moves when Super Smash Bros. launches later this year!