Today’s Miiverse pic of the day from Masahiro Sakurai shows the Classic mode’s rewards screen, where you’ll randomly select rewards for the upcoming level via a roller. Sakurai explains that rewards are color-coded, and more will appear with a more intense battle setting.

Check out the post below plus follow-up comment and pic, and let us know if you prefer a more intense battle to gain greater rewards!

Smash Bros. 3DS update 9/9/2014

And here’s the results screen. It shows what you gained in each stage, but you won’t be rewarded until you clear it all. If you mess up in the middle, you can lose some of them too. The fighter icons are special attacks, and icons like the shield are equipment. The icons that say Mii on them are hats and clothes for Mii characters. Icons that show characters on a stand are trophies, of course, and the coins are gold you earned.