Today’s Miiverse pic of the day from Masahiro Sakurai shows us the StreetSmash mode in action. These daily updates have proven so popular, Sakurai is continuing to post them well after the original two month mark, and even after the game has officially launched in Japan. He says in another comment below that he will continue posting at least until the Wii U version is released.

Check out the latest great pic and messages from Sakurai below. Do you enjoy seeing these posts every day? Let us know your comments below.

Announcement: Originally, the pic of the day was only supposed to continue for about two months, but I’ve ended up posting pictures until even today. The 3DS version has already been released in Japan, so I would like to talk about how future posts will be handled.

First, I will not talk about hidden features until the game is released overseas. On the other hand, I definitely will talk about them after the game is released abroad.

In addition, I am planning to continue making posts at least until the Wii U version is released. I haven’t decided if I’ll go by the Japanese version release or the release of versions abroad, but the point is that I’ll continue posting for a little bit longer.

Pic of the day won’t focus on introducing new information anymore in the near future, but I hope to entertain you with interesting and funny photos like I originally intended to. Thanks.