I just got off of work when i realized that my wii was glowing. “I have a message, sweeeet!! I wonder who its from?” To my amazement it wasn’t from anyone, it was from Nintendo. Nintendo has lanced a Wii vote channel, where u can vote on numerous different question’s and their outcomes. Just go to the wii shop channel and download it. Well, my wii is done downloading it, I am going to go do the American thing and vote.

UPDATE: the official press release from Nintendo via Cubed3

A brand new channel launches today for the Wii Menu providing a quick, easy and fun way to cast your answers to a multitude of different questions. The Everybody Votes Channel allows you to compare and contrast your opinions with those of friends, family and people from across the globe. With a regularly updated supply of new questions to ponder, this is a great way to discover not only differences between you and your family, but also between your country and others!

“If you have ever wondered whether many other people share the same opinions, preferences, likes or dislikes as you, then the Everybody Votes Channel is a quick and easy way to quell those curiosities. From whether people believe in aliens to what they would do if they had 1 million Euros, this quirky but addictive channel lets you find out what others think as well as being a great discussion starter with family and friends!”
– Laurent Fischer, Marketing Director, Nintendo of Europe.