London-based developer and publisher System 3 (Impossible Mission remake) has announced that it has secured the rights to publish Ferrari licensed games for multiple platforms, including the PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and PSP.

System 3 will first launch a racing game based on the Ferrari Challenge real life racing series for the PlayStation 3, complete with licensed cars and tracks, as well as “true Ferrari racing dynamics.” According to a statement released by System 3, the game will feature a 16-player online mode “with elements not yet seen in any race game to-date.”

In addition, the PSP and Nintendo DS versions will follow, complete with 4-player wireless capabilities including adhoc play and single card/UMD game share features. System 3 also adds that the Wii version of the game will “fully support” the Wii’s unique control system, including control using a Wii steering-wheel.

The first preview of the Ferrari Challenge game will be held on June 23 at the home of Ferrari, Maranello, Italy and will coincide with the finale of Ferrari’s 60-year celebrations throughout which System 3 has been a major sponsor. Details of further titles from System 3 including another game titled Ferrari Street Racer are also expected to be announced at the event.

“Video games and racing have been my two passions during the twenty-five years that I’ve been in the business,” commented System 3 CEO and founder Mark Cale. “Finally the two have collided and I’m immensely proud to be bringing the Ferrari Challenge to market this year. We have invested in the best development talent in the industry and I’m confident that the game will be even more impressive than the license.”

Source: gamasutra