System 3 recently announced the signing of a deal with Ferrari in which the company would acquire the rights to create Ferrari-licensed videogames. CEO and founder of the studio, Mark Cale, recently discussed the upcoming games in an interview with Nintendo Gamer, revealing the company’s goal of creating a racing game for Wii. System 3 hopes to take advantage of the current absence of racing games on Wii to create the Gran Turismo of the platform.

The advantage we’ve got with the Wii is there aren’t any great racing games on there. “Of course, on other consoles it’s a harder challenge. But rest assured that what we want to do is create the Gran Turismo for the Wii. I can confidently say that the [DS version] is graphically and technically better than any other racing game.

If this game is going to be as good as it sounds, then wow! I don’t know about you, but I loved Gran Turismo, and to have that sort of game for the Wii is going to be amazing!

Source: Aussie-Nintendo