Banner of the Maid is the latest RPG to make its way to the Nintendo Switch. It’s a tactical RPG, set during the French Revolution.

In Banner of the Maid, you’ll play the role of Pauline Bonaparte, the real-life sister of famous French Emporer, Napolean. Inspired by true events, the game features actual events and other famous names from the period, with a twist of fantasy elements for good measure.

The story involves Pauline’s rise up the military ranks as she seeks a better life for herself. As a recent graduate of military academy, Pauline dreams of earning herself a position in the upper class. She becomes embroiled in a revolutionary storm in France as she journeys to visit her brother.

Banner of the Maid will hit the Switch later this year. In the meantime, check out the trailer below to see some of the visuals from the game.

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