I would first like to start out by saying I love all you guys, our readers, and you are the reason I keep going day after day after day on purenintendo.com. But I am starting to get tired, I know that’s not an excuse, many people do what I am doing and more, but I am taking the easy way out and taking a break from purenintendo.com

There are a few reasons for this time, some internal, time, school and work, no times for games, but it really comes down to the loss of passion on my part. I feel myself just going trough the motions of posting day after day after day, and it’s not fair to you the reader. Purenintendo.com strives to give out readers the best and most up-to-date news about Nintendo. When the poster doesn’t really look over what he posts, then you know something is not going right. I am hoping that this time off will give me a chance to reconnect with my love of gaming, by playing games that I normally don’t have time to do.

At the end of this week, after I finish up my Comic Con impressions, I will be taking a 2 to 4 week break, and then see where I stand after that. If I am ready to come back, and the guys want me back, I will be back but probably not as the same roll as I am current as the Head Editor.

I am going to miss all of the readers, and I will still be around probably in the comments, and email. If an press releases comes through my email I will either post them up or send them on to Justin, Ben or Kevin. While I am gone I am sure these guys will take good care of you.

It going to be hard for me to stay away, because this has been a big part of my life for the past 2 years, and I do feel my self getting a little emotional as I write this, but it is something I feel like needs to be done. Once again I will miss all of you, but you still have to deal with me until the end of this week.

Thanks again,




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