These details are taken for the developers blog:

-they ditched the purely waggle-to-attack battle system because from their experiments, they found out that it was too tiring. Instead, they choosed to map the regular attack to the Wiimote buttons, and to offer two different options to pull off special techniques (aka ougis) : the purely buttons based one (mapped to the four directions of the D-Pad) and the motion based one, which implies to swing the Wiimote or the Nunchuk vertically or horizontally to pull off the four differents ougis which are mapped on each sense and on each controller.

-about the play style of the protagonists : Emil is mostly aerial based. He can send the enemy upward and connect aerial attacks (by pushing the control stick and hitting the A button with good timing). The skills that Emil learn also influence enormously his aerial offense.Thus, you can easily disturb the enemy and pull off more than 20 hits with a single combo, but you better not let your guard down when comes the time to land.
When it comes to Marta, she is specialized in ground attacks, as well as healing and holy magics. At first glance, she is the typical back up character, serving to protect and heal the Knight, but the director insists that she is in fact pretty much as powerful as Emil, and perfectly serviceable as a main.