Leading peripheral maker Talismoon announces the WiiDiva, an incredibly stylish and improved WiiTM remote strap which features some serious sparkle and a special locking mechanism.

FRANCE –October 9th, 2008 – Talismoon, a highly innovative and leading video game video game accessory provider has announced today announced the release of the WiiDiva. Carefully constructed from comfortable leather, and decorated with polished chrome hardware, the WiiDiva brings greater style and physical improvements to any Wii ™ remote. Not only is the WiiDiva stronger than the OEM Wii strap but it also features a special locking mechanism that is adjustable to any size wrist.

“As the saying goes, if everybody looked the same then we would get tired of looking at each other, and the respective phrase is fully relevant to the tens of millions Wii™ remotes out there which all look identical. Thus, Talismoon is delighted to release the WiiDiva to all the gamers out there who not only desire a more unique looking Wii ™ wrist strap but also one which contributes to a safer and more comfortable gaming experience,” said George Paras, chief product development officer of Talismoon.

Summary of key WiiDiva attributes

• Stronger than OEM Nintendo Wii™ strap
• Crafted from real leather
• Features Chrome hardware
• Over 40 ‘jewels’ which add some serious sparkle
• Special spring loaded mechanism which supports a perfect fit for all wrists