Team NINJA today, releases their six episode developer diary series in its entirety. Through these video features, Team NINJA aims to transport viewers into a dark realm to ultimately ‘unmask’ Ryu Hayabusa and the design behind the upcoming installment, Ninja Gaiden 3 due out on March 20th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.


In episode 1, “Weight of the Sword”, Team NINJA touches on the overarching concepts and inspiration behind Ninja Gaiden 3. Head of Team NINJA, Yosuke Hayashi, Director Fumihiko Yasuda and Online Planner Yoshinori Ueda speak to the newly added layers to the intense notorious action packed franchise, Ninja Gaiden, and explain the immersive experience of cutting down an enemy.


In episode 2, “Face of the Dragon”, Team NINJA shares the message behind the new direction – one of self-reflection and suffering. Character lead artist, Masahiro Nose delves into the artistic direction behind Hayabusa’s cursed arm, and torment while art director Kenichiro Nakajo speaks to the relevance of the curse – to bring to light Hayabusa’s inner conflict, the weight of having killed so many.


In episode 3, “Forged in Battle”, Team NINJA details the combat system surrounding the katana. Unlike action titles prevalent today the environment and experience behind battle in Ninja Gaiden 3 is focused on the strength of the blade. Director Fumihiko Yasuda imparts the ever changing immediacy of swordplay due to the close range. Motion team leader Kosuke Wakamatsu and chief programmer Takanori Goshima discuss further how the new tactical elements in combat and boss fights elevate the experience for seasoned players.


In episode 4, “Clash of Clans”, online lead programmer Yasuhiro Nakamoto recounts some of the difficulties of incorporating online multiplayer into ninja based combat. For the first time ever, players can plunge into an action-fraught world that challenges players to polish their skills and abilities in the Shadows of the World multiplayer mode. Team NINJA delves into the ninja customization as well various co-op styled modes in eight player battle.


In episode 5, “Heart of the Dragon”, Masahiro Nose and Kenichiro Nakajo describe the realistic elements within Ninja Gaiden 3and the redesign of Hayabusa. Unlike past titles, the new installment features enemies from the defense force rather than the more fantastical type monsters. In turn, to showcase the humanity of Hayabusa –the ruthlessness and brutality of a ninja – Team NINJA has darkened the overall tone of Hayabusa’s image and created a heavier substantial physical base for the type of action required of him.


In episode 6, “The Battle Lies Ahead”, Team NINJA together wraps the developer diary series and ties together the themes and parts of the Ninja Gaiden 3 experience. Providing more hints to the human side of Hayabusa, his depth and duality, and the opportunities for players to advance their skills even further off and online, viewers are also offered a glimpse at The Regent of the Mask once more.


Leader of Team NINJA closes, “With NG3 we want players to be entertained and have fun. We hope that the action of the game remains with them. That the game remains in their hearts. And becomes unforgettable,”


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